How to Become a Dealer

What it Take?

Being a Blackjack dealer is something that takes training, but the type of training depends on the casino you plan on working at. Some will just require you to go to some type of casino school while others require that you go to classes that they provide themselves. You must process an application to get enrolled into the school, so there are requirements that you must meet as well.

Once again, each casino is different, so some may not require you to go to a dealer school; they may just make you attend one of their classes that they offer instead. Once you feel prepared, it is likely that you will have to perform a few practice matches to prove that your skills meet their standards. Once you pass the exam, you'll be on your way to becoming a dealer.

Work Schedule

While each schedule will differ for person to person, it is expected that a dealer will be rather flexible with their hours. You may end up dealing at a table for over 10 hours or have several days where you work back to back. In the end, your schedule will depend on how the business is doing at the casino. If it is busy, you'll be working constantly, but the opposite is true if there is no one.

How to Stand Out

One of the biggest personality traits that a dealer must have is the ability to be approachable and friendly. There will be times where the same people will play for hours on end, and you must be able to keep a conversation. No one wants to sit at a quiet a table where the dealer says nothing. Your ability to perform calculations in your head is also invaluable. You are responsible for handing out chips, and some people will try to trick you by challenging your math.

Wages will depend on the casino, but casinos in Nevada typically give their dealers minimum wage, plus tips. Because of the location of the casino, a dealer can walk home with hundreds, if not thousands, in tips. These tips will depend on what a person gives out, and each person gives out tips differently. Some tip no matter what, while others don't tip at all. Some may tip better if they are winning while others will in an attempt to change their luck.

Signals you may give

When you are a dealer, you must know your own habits. If you're not aware of them, your actions may be giving your opponents a gateway into your thoughts. Make sure you treat every card equally; don't lift any card higher than another and keep your expressions the same.

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