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Since the 17-th century, when the blackjack game appeared, till nowadays it remains one of the most popular casino games. The game has millions of players and admirers as it has simple rules, odds and trains the logical thinking. Playing blackjack you can be always sure in your winning, as this is one of the games, where everything depends on you! We will teach you the best methods to beat blackjack dealer and to become a professional blackjack player!

What you should pay attention at when you just start to play blackjack? Of course, blackjack rules and basics! It is very important to know these principal things, as playing blackjack you have to understand what to do in different situations. If you do not know, for example, that you play against the dealer only, the results of the game can upset you, as well as you do not know how to count values of the cards. Except for game basics, you have to know at least one strategy to use during the game. Only very skillful players may use those strategies (as card counting) where they decide to take one more card or not, only presupposing what cards are left in the shoe.

If you prefer modern technologies you should try to play blackjack online. The rules of the game remain the same, but the gambling is even more captivating and interesting! A lot of online blackjack variations are available for gamblers nowadays, so there is no need to visit land based casinos. You may choose different casino to your taste and even play at most of them, as they allow you to play for free, trying out gaming software. Choice of the casino to play is not an easy deal, but with our help it will be easier! You will get to know at what you should pay attention choosing the casino to play and even list of the best blackjack casinos!

Online casinos offer their visitors a great amount of blackjack game variations and provide them with perfect service and bonuses. The only thing the player needs to do is to download blackjack software and start playing the game. But do not forget to check available ways of money transactions! We are sure, that when you win your first bet playing blackjack, you feel a desire to play this game as much as possible. Winnings always make us to struggle for more. Play blackjack and enjoy this fantastic game!

All casinos online welcome blackjack fans because there are a lot of them thanks to blackjack popularity. The history of the game began in the 17th century in France where blackjack was called to be Vingt-Et-Un and was the favorite game of all aristocrats. Thanks to French immigrants, blackjack moved to America in the end of the 19th century and began its long trip towards the big popularity it has all over the world today.

The objective of the game is to beat a casino dealer by getting more points without exceeding 21; though it seems to be easy, not many blackjack gamblers become professionals at once: blackjack basic strategy and many blackjack secrets are needed to be learnt and remembered before. Blackjack is the game of skills, and this game is based on mathematics; but it does not mean you should be a genius to play this game.

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