Blackjack Game Dealers: Main Requirements

It is impossible to imagine blackjack game without a dealer. But what do we know about this profession? What are the requirements and skills needed to become a real croupier? Let's try to find out this information.

Blackjack Dealer Job Description

  • Blackjack dealers must stand during the long period of time on their feet. It usually takes 40 minutes and then 20-minute break. And the same scheme lasts several hours.
  • Blackjack dealers wear special uniform - themed costume.
  • The main responsibility of the dealer is to control the game - to deal and shuffle cards, pay winning hands, take losing wagers, change cash into chips.
  • The dealer decides when to break the new deck and when to shuffle the cards.
  • Under the croupier's control is the speed of a deal.
  • The dealer should possess strong communication skills, as it is important to hold a conversation during the game.
  • The croupier has to count quickly and be able to explain blackjack rules understandable.
  • Dealers' salaries are not very high, but they receive good tips for the well-done job.
  • Dealers should never allow flipping the cards over while dealing, so they have possess excellent card maneuvering technique.
  • One more very important demand is smile. The dealer must be calm and unruffled all the time. If a player starts arguing with the dealer, the second one must stay composed all the time.

Blackjack Dealers Schools

Blackjack Dealers Schools can be found in every country in the world and in the Internet. They offer a great variety of opportunities for their student and give the possibility of future job placement. The average cost of studying is about $1400. The whole course usually takes about hundred hours of training. During these courses students study blackjack rules, blackjack odds and probabilities, card counting systems, gain professional skills and knowledge.


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