Online Blackjack Odds

For complete understanding of the blackjack game one should know not only its rules and strategy, but also main odds, which can help to beat the dealer and get an advantage over the house. It is very important to find out these little secrets to become a skillful player.

Choose the Correct Table - Three Main Types

  1. Dealer Hits on Soft 17. The house advantage increases by 0.22%. This rule gives dealer the chance to beat the player if he/she has eighteen hand or more.
  2. Blackjack Pays 6:5. It may seem you a great opportunity to win much more money than in regular blackjack game (where natural blackjack pays 3:2, $15 for $10 wager). But there you get only $12 on the $10 wager, so think carefully before taking this table.
  3. No Double Down After Splitting. This rule doesn't let you to do the profitable option of doubling down, so the house has the great advantage over the player.

Casino Advantage in Blackjack

The dealer's advantage in almost all casinos is about 8%. It is mainly because he is the last to act. All the players make their decision first and then it is dealer's turn. If you know basic strategy, blackjack probability and main odds of the game it is possible turn the house edge down to 0.5%.

Busting if You Hit

There you can see the percentage of busting after you made a hit. It is very important to know the probabilities if your hands to make correct decisions.

21-hand - 100% bust

20-hand - 92% bust

19-hand - 85% bust

18-hand - 77% bust

17-hand - 69%bust

16-hand - 62% bust

15-hand - 58% bust

14-hand - 56% bust

13-hand - 39% bust

12-hand - 31% bust

11 or less hand - 0% bust.

Two-Card Frequencies

Natural 21 - 4.8%

Hard Standing - 30%

Decision Hands - 38.7%

No bust - 26.5%

The lowest chance in blackjack is to get natural 21. The most common two-card combination is decision hand, which appears in 38.7% of all cases.

Knowledge of the main blackjack strategy and its odd helps players not only to beat the house, but to win much more money. Before playing real game you can train playing blackjack on popular blackjack sites. All you need to do is to download blackjack and start training.


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